Our Story
Oliveira Enterprises, Inc. is rooted in 4 generations of agricultural expertise, the innovation and diversity that has followed has allowed us to excel beyond a traditional agricultural company.  As each generation evolves, we make impactful and significant changes to our model. 
On any given day we, Oliveira Enterprises Inc., run anywhere from 250-300 cattle in our lot.  They assist us in the consumption and recycling of our daily intake of material.  If you have ever heard the term “take the cows to the pasture” we have created a new way of looking at that by bringing the pasture back to our cattle. After receiving the green waste, we lay it out in organized rows for our cattle to consume.
Tapping into the green waste industry was one of the most impactful changes made.  Essentially, we bring in large quantities of lawn, tree clippings, flowers, shrub trimmings, and other various urban organic wastes.  The livestock consume ~80% of the material.  The ~20% left is ground up and split into two different recyclable piles.  One of the piles, being the larger wood material, is sold to renewable energy plants to create electricity.  The other, finer material, is placed in rows to “cook” and gradually turned into compost. After the cooking process is complete, the compost is sold to farms throughout Northern California.  Internally, we use a portion of the compost as fertilizer for our 600 acre ranch.  In the end, all material being brought in is either consumed, reused, or processed and sold leaving us a zero waste recycling facility. 
We have 2 large crops that are planted each year, and unlike many other local farmers we do not use any foreign fertilizers or pesticides.  We rely on the natural product that was originally given to us as green waste to spread in our fields as an organic “fertilizer”.  Once the crops are grown and cut, we are left with stacks of hay to feed our cattle along with the green waste!
Over 20 years ago, this company was started with one pickup truck, a trailer, one client, and a dream.  Currently, we are proud to work with the largest and best in the business.  Our clients are both successful in their area, as well as, support what we do.  Moving forward, our goal is to foster the growth in  new areas of recyclable material. Opening  up more client opportunities to build new relationships.  As we strengthen the relationships with clients bringing in material, we are also looking to expand our acreage from 600 to 1000 in the next few years.  Oliveira Enterprises, Inc. is continually evolving by finding new ways to use our agricultural fundamentals while enhancing the recycling of urban waste.
So, throughout the year we are continuously creating and using the materials until there is no more.  It is a sustainable cycle that we pride ourselves on helping just a little piece of our world “go green!”