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About Us

We Provide Many Services & Sales!
  • Roll off green waste & Wood container services are available for drop off and pick up.
With our All New High Production Equipment.
  • We are able to provide Grinding and Screening services.
  • Compost sales can be picked up at our location  or delivered to you.
  • Wood chips are also available for pick up or Delivery.
  • We do have Forage hay and Sadan hay for purchase.

  • Weed Ababtement is also a service we can help you with.
 Oliveira Enterprises INC has serviced the Bay Area, Along with Northern California for over 20 years!
We are family owned and operated.
“Our Company is at the front of a trend that is surging throughout the United States. We have been “going green” for as long as we have been in business and are very dedicated.  It has taken years to perfect what is now our winning blend between recycling, changing, and creating new re-useable product from another company’s waste.”
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